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Eco systems of Australia  (Gulliver Media)

There are 6 different film clips to watch  and listen to about Australia’s ecosystems. Scroll down to find the one you are interested in.


DESERT: desert_painted_SA_TS[1]

The Desert                                   Desert biomes  (ducksters)


RAINFOREST:    large-rainforest

The Rainforest              Rainforests              Tropical Rainforests  (kidcyber)


GRASSLANDS:     grasslandOz_s[1]   Grasslands  (kidcyber)


SAVANNAH:   savanna_wide[1]

The Savannah Biome  (Ducksters)


FRESHWATER:     pond_reflection_jup[1]

Freshwater Biome                              Animals of Freshwater habitats


OCEANS:    ocean_TS[1]

Marine Water Biomes                                 Oceans