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Term Three Overview


Inquiry: students will explore student health focusing on physical, environmental and mental health and personal wellbeing.


Sign’s of God’s Love – Students are introduce to the ways in which God’s love has been experienced through time.  They will explore the love of God discovered in family life.

God loves us no matter what – Students learn about how the Catholic community celebrates God’s forgiveness and the reconciliation between people in the sacrament of Penance.

 Science:  Biology – Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.

Science we will be observing the growth of meal worms over the term and making predictions about how they will grow and change. We will be comparing them to other animals that we know about and identifying differences and similarities between life cycles.


This Term by Nell

I enjoyed this term because I like doing literacy and maths and music. I learnt that if you listen to different songs you get smarter.Our teacher helps us when we need them.

I like our computers because you can  research on them. I think grade 2 work is the easiest.

Jay’s Holiday to Queensland

Hello Grade 2.

We just got back from our Gold Coast holiday. It was amazing. We did a lot of things.

Day 1
We caught a taxi out to the airport and then flew up to the Gold Coast then we caught another taxi that took us to our hotel. Our hotel was good. They had good Technology that we could use. We could watch movies in bed. The pool was great. There were lots of them. Two spas, one water slide, a lagoon pool with a waterfall and a normal pool.

Day 2
We went to Movie World. I went on the Batwing Space Shot, the Road Runner rollercoaster, Justice League ride, Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, Junior Driving School and the Wild West Falls. We also saw stunt cars and lots of characters. There was hardly any lines – it was great.

Day 3
We went to Wet n Wild. Lucky we took our wet suits. It was sunny and the water was warm so we could go on lots of rides like constrictor, river Rapids,tornado, mammoth falls, side winder,kamikaze, Aqua racer, wet n wild junior, whirlpool,Aqua drop,and the wave pool that didn’t have any waves in the afternoon.

Day 4
We went to Sea World. We watched the dolphin show. They districts like flips, belly whackers, surfing. A kid got to pat them. They were pretty clever and cute. We also saw the seal detective show. It was funny because the seal went down a slide and jumped off a platform. It could talk, stand up and do some acting. It was clever too. We saw the jet ski show. They shot water out of their engine. They did big jumps holding on with their feet and some flips. Two of them had a race and they went really fast. We also saw the Sharks and whole lot of fish, mata Rays, turtles, star fish and sea snails. They had a new thing that showed you creatures of the deep. We also saw the ninja turtles and sponge bob square pants.

Day 5
Dad and I went back to movie world and I did the batwing spaceshot but this time I went in the single line, Scooby Doo spooky coaster, Wild West falls. There were bigger lines than before. After lunch we went back to the hotel and had a swim in the pool, went on the water slide, swam under the waterfall and swam with the tropical fish. Then we went to Timezone. I played so many games and played mini golf and laser tag. Then we came back on the plane to Melbourne. I really liked my holiday. It was fun.

The end.

Genius Day by Paddy

On Genius Day my dad came up to Genius Day. And he did a project about the Solar System. We learned about the seasons, eclipses and planes moons. We went outside and made an eclipse on Melbourne. It was fun. It was fun because I did it with my friends.