WONDEROPOLIS- A world full of amazing wonders

Find a wonder that you like and read and explore that particular wonder.

Find at least 5 facts that you found interesting, strange, funny or new and paraphrase them in your own words before you post them as a comment below. 



2 thoughts on “WONDEROPOLIS- A world full of amazing wonders

  1. What do a astronauts eat in space?
    1. Food is made, cooked and then dehydrated which means all water is taken out.
    2. Astronauts add water to eat.
    3. Even fruit is dehydrated but you don’t have to add water to eat dry.
    4.If you bring a cup of water to space it won ‘t stay in the cup it will float and in the air.
    5.To make most freeze-dried foods,astronauts squeeze water into the food packages and then eat the food after is absorbs the water.

  2. Why do Chameleons change colours?
    Chameleons they’re part of a family called chamaeleonidae. They have feet like parrots.
    Eyes that look in different directions. They come in different colours like pink blue and
    orange. They live in Africa Europe Asia and North America. They can live in both rainforests
    and deserts. Chameleons change colours to reflect their moods. Dark colours would
    mean Angry and lighter colours would mean happy. The brain tells the cells to change

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